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Manufacturing two previous staff positions held third skills competition
source:admin time:2016-04-28
In November 17th, third of the two staff positions in the previous section of the skills contest kicked out. The full participation of the competition, full action, designed to strengthen the implementation of the standard, pay attention to the details of the work, to develop good working habits.
This competition, various processes of staff from the various standard operation designed to match the project, each job standard operating key points clear requirements, than who more standard more accurately, let the hearts of the standard operation, only according to the standard operation is correct and stable production in order to ensure the product, improve product quality.
The skills competition is the specification details of amplification, so that everyone is very clear understanding to the assignments is easy to ignore in place, for example: such as sampling time after Kaka article, wearing silk waste processing action, will be easy to overlook the details to develop good habits.
The game from the beginning according to the same standard training requirements to production process exercises to guide, to match acceptance for each team effectiveness after 3 months, the execution of standard operation, the details of the work, the work of long lead requirements so as to form a good habit and the comprehensive ability and level of comprehensive promotion of each post employees, for quality improvement promotion lays a solid foundation.
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