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Alex Hua Tian science and technology held a middle-level cadres will
source:admin time:2016-04-28
February 14th afternoon, Alex Hua Tian technology middle-level cadres will be held in the science and technology building, nine floor conference room, Alex Hua Tian technology all executives and middle-level cadres 67 people.
Li Liujun, general manager of the conference hosted by Alex Hua Tian.
Meeting, General Lee announced 2014 middle-level cadre, deputy before six personnel list, middle-level cadre chief six is Zhong Gengbo, Yu Jiansheng, Yun Chao Zhang, Peng Cheng, Wang Yang Min, Wu Shutao, deputy six is Huo Junjun, He Naihui, Hu Chaoxian, Yu Bin, Wang Fengwu, Wen ultra, and read the Huatian technology 2015 organization structure adjustment and the employment files; group party secretary and President of the union Zhang Yuming read the Department of party work of the appointment of a document; Li Huatian technology in 2014 are summarized and the 2015 priorities made arrangement, on the main problems existing in the 2014 proposed improvement measures.
Chairman at the meeting pointed out that the overall arrangement is very detailed, very comprehensive, the middle level cadres to do all the work in accordance with this idea to do the work in 2015. He is on behalf of the board of directors and management team to congratulate the appointment of cadres to obtain, and expounds the Alex Hua Tian group in 2015 ten key work, require all cadres to seriously study and understand and practice of Alex Hua Tian's corporate culture, to all cadres wish to put forward five points: 1, by example, seriously implement the system, do not allow employees to do and not do their own firm, and constantly improve their own personality charm; 2, I have to forget, to adhere to the employee as the center, respect for employees, care staff, to clearly recognize that no qualified staff is unable to achieve the first-class quality; 3, enterprise development is the first priority, the first is our business interests code of conduct, everything is not conducive to enterprise development, damage the interests of the enterprise's behavior is not allowed, must be resolutely corrected; 4, insist on learning, good at thinking, the courage to Innovation, dare to play, to improve the efficacy and efficiency efforts, let oneself be responsible for every year, new breakthrough, new bright spot every year; 5, his family and relatives, let them abide by the system of the company and become part of the employee's model.
Finally, the chairman of the board stressed that 2015 is "1025" ending the year, is a development group is very crucial for the year, 2015 have many things to do, let us firmly around the ten key work, a heart to think, an effort to make, and actively respond to various challenges, in their respective positions, struggle, dare to people first, dare to play, to create more excellent results, as two major goals of Huatian contribute to!

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